3 Things To Do In Grand Prairie TX

Are you looking for fun things to do in Grand Prairie because there are a lot of stuff to do and see there. However, if you’re short on time, then make sure you do at least three things. With that said, read on to find out what those three things are.

1. Epic Waters- This is an indoor water park that is relatively new to the area. It is an indoor water park that is open all-year round and it’s the perfect place for the entire family to go to, parents, couples and anyone else who are fans of water parks. It is affordable to enter and you can easily spend a few hours there.

Once inside, you’ll find plenty of places to sit at, to relax at and a number of watersides you can go on. It’s a good idea to get here early. It can get packed quite quickly. This is especially true when the weather is extremely hot.

2. The Farmer’s Market- There’s nothing quite like eating fresh fruits, veggies and other farm fresh foods. Sure, there are many farmer’s markets around, but none of them can quite compare to the one located in Grand Prairie. Do bear in mind that the market is held between the months of April and December and you can go to it on Saturdays from eight in the morning until one in the afternoon. The place does get busy often, but you shouldn’t have any problems finding parking and getting around the place.

3. Loyd Park- If camping and hiking is your thing, then you’ll want to make sure one of the first places you visit is Loyd Park. The hiking trails are huge, but you can also go cycling or horseback riding while there, and there are cabins and campsites located throughout the park. While there, you can lay around the beach, take your kids to the playground or play a game of softball or go fishing. There are many things to do and see while at the park, so do make it a point to visit it.

Loyd Park is a great place to visit, regardless of the time of year and you’ll want to go to the farmer’s market when it is in town. Don’t forget about Epic Waters, which is also open all-year round and is worth the trip from anywhere. Don’t forget that there are many other things to do in the city of Grand Prairie.